Goals augment persistence: Persistence represents the attempt expended on exam help task over a longer period of time. Persistent gives rise exam help tenacity which helps us not examination help quit even if things seem challenging. It causes us exam help come back up again quiz help keep moving ahead. 4. Goals foster options quiz help motion plans: Goals force us exam help discover greater quiz help more effective ways of getting. terminal. For instance, the variety of exam help sculpture must exist in space in three dimensions, quiz help reply exam help gravity. The constraints quiz help boundaries of exam help particular medium are thus called its formal traits. To give an alternate instance, the formal characteristics of portray are the canvas texture, color, quiz help brush texture. The formal qualities of games are non linearity, interactivity quiz help digital presence. The kind of exam help particular work of art is decided by both the formal characteristics of the media, quiz help the intentions of the artist. A genre is exam help set of conventions quiz help styles inside exam help particular medium.